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Q.  Can you provide reviews or references?


A.  Please be sure to check out our reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot.  We can provide references from past clients upon request.



Q.  How many events will you handle on my Wedding Day?


A.  ONE.  Yours.  If it is a Wedding Day, then there is only one priority that day, and that is you.  Each DJ will handle no more than a single wedding in one day. 



Q.  Will you help me with the music and timeline for my wedding?


A.  Absolutely.  We will first send you our planning packet to complete.  Then, 2 months before the wedding, we will sit down to meet for up to 2 hours to discuss all the details of the event (Skype or Facetime is also available if more convenient for you).  We generate a master timeline and event packet based on those details.  We will go through every detail from the songs to the pronunciation of each name we are announcing.



Q.  What music will you play at my wedding?


A.  We will work closely with you to determine the music you and your guests would like to hear.  Additionally, we will read the crowd and accept requests.  Our music library is updated weekly with all of the top hits in every popular genre.  It is our primary goal to bring everyone to the dance floor, whether they are young or old.  We like to play across a variety of genres to appeal to all the different variety of musical tastes your guests may have.



Q.  Tell us about your music.


A.  We no longer need to bring crates of records or CDs to events anymore, it’s all digital now.   Our digital files are uploaded at the highest quality possible.  Our music collection has never been copied or pirated.   We use professional record services to keep our music up to date.  We do NOT use streaming services to play music.



Q.  Can I make a list of songs for the DJ?


A.  Yes.  We provide every event with the opportunity to choose several "MUST-PLAY”, "PLAY IF POSSIBLE", and "NO-PLAY" songs.  Additionally, you may choose all of the songs for your special dances and events.


Please make sure that any unusual requests are provided prior to the event so we can make sure they are in our library. 


Note:  When choosing songs, if you find something you like on YouTube or other online source, please make sure that the song is commercially available for purchase on one of the normal download sites such as iTunes or Amazon.  YouTube has many rare performances which we are unable to obtain recordings for easily.  Due to copyright laws, we are not allowed to play or rip music from these sources.



Q.  Can I make a LONGER list of songs for the DJ or customize ALL the songs?


A.  In most cases, we will try to work with you on this.  We do make the following recommendations however:


  • Most people don’t like to dance to music that they don’t know.  For this reason, we suggest that any non-mainstream tracks be played during the cocktail hour or while guests are seated for dinner. 

  • If we need to stick to a playlist, keep in mind that we may not be able to get the dance floor moving as much as we normally would. 

  • I will need your music list very early on so we can obtain songs, become familiar with them, and set cue points.

  • Keep in mind, if the DJ doesn’t know the song, then it is likely that the guests do not know it either.

  • Even if the songs are popular, guaranteeing that they are all played is a difficult task if your list is very long. 

  • The DJ needs the freedom to mix songs according to the tempo, the key, and the energy level.  The exact order of songs should not be specified.

  • If you just want us to play a playlist, then rented speakers and an iPod may be a more affordable option for you.



Q.  What will the DJ wear to my event?


A.  We dress formally in a suit with a vest and/or jacket.  If your event is more or less formal/casual, please let us know and we will come dressed appropriately.



Q.  Will you play "cheesy" music or line dances?


A.  Only if you want us to…  You either love that stuff or you hate it.  I have no problem making Line Dances a NO-PLAY or MUST-PLAY.  Keep in mind though, songs like the Cupid Shuffle and Wobble are typically requested by guests and usually pack the dance floor!  The people who love these songs, really want to hear them. 



Q.  Will you play “cheesy” games or make us do the Hokey Pokey?


A.  Again…  This is totally up to you, but we do not usually do much of this at weddings anymore.  We have many interactions, icebreakers, and games but we often reserve these things for events other than weddings.  (And I have not played the Hokey Pokey since Kindergarten).


We do have several interactions however for weddings that we do not consider cheesy such as: Centerpiece Giveaway or Table Games, Anniversary Dance, and Newlywed Shoe Game.  These are totally optional.



Q.  How many DJ employees will there be?


A.  Our basic packages include a single DJ who will also do all of the MC work.  Our premium packages will include an assistant.  If your event is complicated or requires more equipment/lighting then we will need staff accordingly. 



Q.  How much space does the DJ require?


A.  Our normal setup is about eight feet wide plus some additional space for the speakers.  If we provide additional lighting we will need additional space. 


Please remember when doing your floor plan that the DJ should always be directly adjacent to the dance floor.

Q.  How much time does the DJ need to set up?


A.  We usually require a minimum of 2 hours in order to set up and sound check (Traditional Package).  If we bring lighting or a ceremony package, we may need to be as early as 4 hours or more to set up.  Setup time is included in our base fee.  Please verify that your venue has NOT booked another event prior to your event and the required setup time is available.



Q.  How far will you travel?  Do you charge extra for travel?


A.  We do not charge for travel expenses to an event within our normal travel zone which is within about an hour's drive of our home base in Fort Washington, PA.  We will also travel up to 30 minutes each way for our planning meetings and up to 15 minutes for pre-contract meetings.  Any event which is further than our travel zone will usually have our travel expenses worked into your base quote.


Our normal travel zone for EVENTS includes Philadelphia and the Suburbs: Northward to the Lehigh Valley; Southward to Wilmington; Westward to Reading; and Eastward to somewhere in the middle of New Jersey.


Our normal travel zone for MEETINGS includes Philadelphia and the Northern Suburbs: Northward to Doylestown; Southward to Media; Westward to Phoenixville; and Eastward to Trenton.


Our EXTENDED travel zone includes all of Eastern PA, all of New Jersey including the shore points, the Poconos, all of Delaware, and even down into Maryland and up into New York.  These areas however will have an additional travel fee.  Events further than a 2 hour drive will have a one night hotel fee.



Q.  Where should I locate the DJ on my floor plan?


A.  Next to the dance floor!  Do NOT place tables between the DJ and the dance floor if at all possible!!!  The loudest music should be on the dance floor, NOT where your grandparents are trying to have a conversation.


In some cases, we are able to remotely locate the DJ Table/Booth, but the speakers must always be placed adjacent to the dance floor.  This requires additional wiring and setup time. 



Q.  My venue has a built-in sound system, can you can use it?


A.   Depends on the venue.  Some installed sound systems are great and some are absolutely terrible.  Please contact us if this is a requirement.



Q.  Do you take requests?


A.  We will certainly take requests unless you specifically wish that we do not.  We do not guarantee that all requests by guests will be played however.  We will not sink a great dance floor by playing a song that does not fit.  We are always polite to your quests when making a request, even if it is not a suitable request.   



Q.  Do you set up a sign or banner?


A.  Never.   



Q.  Do you bring backup equipment?


A.  Always.  Problems with equipment and computers can happen at any time.  Even the most expensive equipment can fail.  We always have a backup equipment on site.  This includes backup speakers, mixer, computer, and microphone.



Q.  Do you have insurance?


A.  Yes.  We carry liability and equipment insurance.  We are covered for liability insurance which covers property damages and personal injuries.  Many venues will require all vendors present at your event to be insured.



Q.  Do you require a meal?


A.  A meal is not a requirement, but often provided. 



Q.  Do you require breaks?


A.  Not unless we are scheduled to perform for more than 5 hours.



Q.  What is your payment policy?


A.  In order to hold your booking we require a minimum 30% Reservation Deposit.  The balance will be due 2 weeks prior to the event.  We accept checks and credit cards and have many online payment options available.



Q.  What is your pricing?


A.  Please fill out the contact form on our website with your event details and we will be happy to provide pricing. 



Q.  How far in advance do we need to book?


A.  As early as possible.  We commonly book dates over a year in advance. 



Q.  How do we book?


A.  Just email us and let us know.  We will verify availability and confirm pricing with a quote.  Next: sign your quote and contract, and pay your deposit.  Once those (3) things are done, you are set.



Q.  Do you have a contract?


A.  Yes, for all events.  Our contract protects you as well as us and spells out our responsibilities as well as our limitations.  We can provide an advance copy for review if requested.


Q.  Do you take credit cards?


A.  We take all major credit cards via Square, Paypal, and Venmo and charge no additional fee.  Please let us know if you would like to make a credit card payment and we will send you an Invoice link.



Q.  Can we come and see you perform at another wedding before we hire you?


A.  Only if the bride & groom personally invite you.  Unfortunately, we do not sneak guests in to another wedding just to make a sale.  We won’t do this to your wedding, nor will we do it to any of our other clients.  We understand that you want to see what you are buying but you will have to trust our testimonials from previous clients.



Q.  What is your overtime policy?


A.  We must end all events promptly at the ending time due to the time restrictions most venues have.  Even going a few minutes beyond the end time may result in your venue charging you (or us) an overtime cost.  For this reason, all overtime requests must be verified by the venue manager in advance.  The overtime fee for each team member at your event is $80 per hour ($40 per half hour, available in half-hour increments) and must be paid prior to the start of overtime.  We must be informed at least 30 minutes in advance of the intention to go over time.  The agreement to play overtime is at the sole discretion of the DJ and may not be available in all cases.



Q.  What defines a Preferred Venue for pricing?


A.  This has to do with our relationship with the venue as well as its access for loading.  A Preferred Venue will need to fit the following criteria:

  • Within the Philadelphia area

  • A direct or short route from the loading area to the setup area with fully ramped access

  • A dedicated free parking lot or saved parking for the vendors

  • Will not require moving equipment up stairways or elevators

  • Will not require moving equipment once the event has begun

  • Adequate time is available for setup (2-4 hours)

  • Adequate power is available within 25 feet of the DJ area

  • A well-lit and secured loading area for safety purposes

  • A professional staff with no unusual requirements for the DJ


Venues that do not fit the above criteria and will have special pricing.  Please provide your venue when requesting pricing and we will confirm.



Q.  What venues have you worked at?


A.  Almost too many to name but here is a start: 


Abington Art Center

ACE Conference Center

Adventure Aquarium

Ash Mill Farm

Aldie Mansion

Audobon Center

The Baldwin School

Ballroom at the Ben

Ballrooms at Boothwyn

Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Belle Voir Manor

Bensalem Knights of Columbus

Blair Mill Inn

Blue Bell Country Club

Bluestone Country Club

Bolingbroke Mansion

Brookside Country Club

Cairnwood Estate

Cannstatter NE Philadelphia


Centre Bridge Inn

Charity Lodge

Cescaphe Ballroom

Cock n Bull, Peddler’s Village

Colonial Dames of Philadelphia

Columbia Station

Crossing Community Church

Crystal Tea Room


Durham Hill Farm

Ellis Preserve

Empress Room/St Helena’s

Elmwood Park Zoo

The Farm - Bakery & Events

Fishers Tudor House

Flourtown Country Club

Flying W Airport

Folino Estate

Fonthill Castle

French Creek Golf Club

Glen Foerd Mansion

Glenside Knights of Columbus

Glenside VFW

Grace Winery

Graeme Park

Hagley Soda House

Hamilton Manor

Heritage Hall, Jenkintown

Historic Waynesboro

Holly Hedge Estate

Hotel Dupont

Huntingdon Valley Country Club

The IASTE Ballroom

The Inn at Villanova

Jenkintown Homestead Hall

Jericho National Golf Club

Joseph Ambler Inn

Joseph's Catering

Kings Mill

Knowlton Mansion

Leows Hotel Philadelphia

La Masseria

Lakehouse Inn

The Loft at Landis Creek

Lulu Country Club

Maas Building Philadelphia

Marjeane's Caterers

Manor House at Commonwealth

Manor House at Prophecy Creek

Manufacturer’s Golf Club

Mendenhall Inn

Merion Tribute House

Meyer Bakery & Farm

Middletown Country Club

Mountain View Inn

NaBrasa/Iron Abbaye

Normandy Farm

Northampton Valley Country Club

North Hills Country Club


Occasions, New Hope

The Old Mill, Rose Valley

Old York Road Country Club

P&P Caterers Halls, NE Philadelphia

Penn Oaks Golf Club

Pen Ryn Mansion

Philadelphia Cricket Club

Phoenixville Foundry

Pine Crest Country Club

Please Touch Museum

Plymouth Country Club

Polonia Hall

Prallsville Mill, Stockton, NJ

Primavera Regency, Warren, NJ

The Pyramid Club

The Quartet Club

Radnor Hotel

Radisson King of Prussia

Ridley Creek Mansion

Rockledge Fire Hall

Rosebank Winery

Sandy Run Country Club

SeaSalt Restaurant Cape May

Spring Mill Country Club

Spring Mill Manor

Springfield Country Club

Stockton Inn, NJ

Stonebrook, Perkasie


Talamore Country Club


Top of the Tower

The Union League Philadelphia

Union Trust

Valley Forge Casino Resort

Valley Forge Military Academy

Vesper Boat Club, Boat House Row


Villa Barolo

Warrington Country Club

Washies Firehouse

Waterfall Room & Catering

Waterworks by Cescaphe

Westover Country Club


William Penn Inn

Willow Grove Moose Lodge

Willow Grove VFW

World Café Live

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